Period Boxes


Introducing MILOSBOXES, the go-to solution for families with female dogs! Our best-selling product, female dog diapers and period boxes, are designed exclusively for our furry friends. Just like us, female dogs experience their own menstrual cycles. With MILOSBOXES, you can provide your beloved pet with the utmost comfort and hygiene during this time. Trust us, our understanding as fellow ladies ensures the highest quality and care for your furry friend.

About Us

Let us introduce you to Milos Doggyboxes. We are working on creating a sustainable and eco friendly products for dogs around the world,but also to ship and package them with little to no carbon emission at all. The idea for Milos Boxes came from our own dog, Milo. We know how hard it can be to find the right products for our dogs, thats why we thought of Milos boxes a box with all the essentials our best friends needs. 

At MILOSBOXES, we understand the unique needs of families with female dogs. Here’s why you should choose us:

– Reliable and absorbent female dog diapers, keeping your furry friend comfortable and your home clean during their heat cycles.
– Convenient period boxes for female dogs, containing all the essentials to help you manage their menstrual cycle with ease.
– Exciting birthday boxes for dogs, filled with toys, treats, and accessories to make your dog’s special day even more memorable.
– Eco-friendly poop bags for dogs, ensuring you can clean up after your furry friend responsibly and easily.

Choose MILOSBOXES for all your dog’s needs to provide them with the comfort and care they deserve.